Month: November 2013

We’ve all been there, chasing happiness. Doing things you think you are supposed to be doing, flipping every rock, attending every party. It should be there! It often isn’t. It is hazardous to think which activity can entertain us and make us happy. If you make the wrong choice, you are screwed. Dropping habits is […]

One can find many encouragements to undertake certain risks from investing, through starting a business to conquering mighty mountains, whether it’s online, in a book or from an expert (fake and real). I would like to talk about safety. Not the safety net, but safety of a place where you live, where you operate from. […]

I had this silly feeling of understanding. It cost me a few bruises but it makes sense. I was trying out my friend’s electric bicycle. I had stepped into pedals, engine kicked in and propelled me towards horizon. My body was stable, bike was flying from one side to the other. Then my wheels got […]

In the film Interstate 60 a character mentions idea of escaping to frontiers, thesis written by Frederick J. Turner. Character says that, according to Turner, whenever people felt uncomfortable or not fitting in current societal situation, they used to flee to frontiers. Thirteen colonies were a frontier and then it was pushed all the way […]