Escaping to frontiers

In the film Interstate 60 a character mentions idea of escaping to frontiers, thesis written by Frederick J. Turner. Character says that, according to Turner, whenever people felt uncomfortable or not fitting in current societal situation, they used to flee to frontiers. Thirteen colonies were a frontier and then it was pushed all the way to California.

Let’s emulate this idea and think about our frontiers. Where are we escaping to if encountered by an uncomfortable situation? Erasmus programme and Portugal are mine frontier. Back in Prague I was not really interested in my field of study, had tons of free time but no idea what to do with it. So I signed up to escape only to discover, that I carry all my inner doubts with myself no matter where I go. Who do I want to become? What makes me tick? Do I have what it takes to succeed? Will I let down my family? Time has come for me to take an action, but what should I do?

Yes, I escaped noise and pressure created by my peers. I escaped boasting about jobs in clothes stores and students praising how they spent the whole week working from dawn till dusk (see, I am an adult!); girls being very proud of owning 500 $ Gucci handbag; endless comparing whose university is the best… I always thought there is something more to life, hidden in the mist. I could not find the answers so I tried to escape them. Surroundings changed, questions stood. I have to face them yet again.

Do you have a frontier? Let’s dismiss the limitation implied in the film and investigate alcohol, drugs, lovers, and computers. Any form of hideout which prevents you from doing what is necessary, what will make a difference. As film monolog about frontiers comes to conclusion, Mr Turner died in 1932 and thus didn’t see what happened to us, when we ran out of frontiers. Same implies to us. Let’s face the dragons today.

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