Caught up in tracks

I had this silly feeling of understanding. It cost me a few bruises but it makes sense.

I was trying out my friend’s electric bicycle. I had stepped into pedals, engine kicked in and propelled me towards horizon. My body was stable, bike was flying from one side to the other. Then my wheels got caught in a tram railway. Bicycle remained stable and for a change, my body was flying around until inevitably I hit the tarmac big time.

When you see rails supposedly leading to success it is easy to follow them. It is easy to follow someone else’s track, steppin’ in the same footsteps. Imagine the master plan: through high school to university, spend there at least five years, do an internship, find a job, reach success and hopefully happiness. Sounds familiar, right? Ultimately what we will build will not last very long and possess just a little power. Why? Because we have betrayed our inner self, we suppressed our desire for independence and gave up for easy solution. Make your own way.

Fairly often someone else’s footsteps may not meet our needs and before we realize…

It is hard to lay down our own tracks. In this day and age, we can choose almost any direction. Sheer number of options is overwhelming. Focus on one or two things and begin building your railway network. As in real world our hypothetical railway stations are connected. I am currently focused on gaining strength through physical exercise which helps me in surfing and vice versa. Through reading I discovered my passion for diplomacy. Reading led me to writing. Reading leads me to critical thinking which, backed by knowledge from books, leads to battles against professors. These improve my rhetoric abilities. I like speaking in front of people if the topic interests me. I didn’t know that.

Sometimes I keep my eyes closed and miss great opportunities. Other times I am so focused on one thing that different thing passes me by.  Like when I am so concentrated on telling a story to attract a girl that I completely miss her signs of interest. I am a man. I cannot see these things. The thing is to pay attention and ask lots of questions. I asked my surfing instructor if I could interview him for a school project. He will give me contact on a first ever Portuguese surfer. How cool is that? I am so excited. And by the way, the instructor’s girlfriend had done her Erasmus in Portugal, met him during her stay and never returned home. I bet she had never thought this could happen when she sat on the plane.

Is this post confusing? So is life, so let’s stop trying to figure it out and dive in.

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