On safety

One can find many encouragements to undertake certain risks from investing, through starting a business to conquering mighty mountains, whether it’s online, in a book or from an expert (fake and real). I would like to talk about safety. Not the safety net, but safety of a place where you live, where you operate from.

One year back I was in a, let’s be honest, disgusting tourist area in Czech Republic. Imagine several hut camps connected together. It looked like scattered shelters for cattle. Those vacations turned out to be one of the worst I ever had. Instead of girls, there were little kids. Then my friend had a very serious kart accident which resulted in him going to hospital and kart burned to ashes. To make matters worse, an owner of the track, albeit not knowing who we were, threatened us with exacting payment for the damage, which was around 1.000 €.

I can be a naïve person. I still believe in existence of politicians with good intentions. I believe that me and my friends, we “will make it.” I believe that all shit will turn out into sugar. I believed that no one would burgle a one room hut, when people were sleeping inside. Since my friend barely escaped death and serious burns from petrol, thought of locking the door was somewhere in the corner of my mind.

I woke up during the night and discovered the door being open and a key in the lock from the outside. I searched for my wallet but could not find it. My camera was on a table so I relaxed myself and went to sleep… only to wake up half an hour later, concerned.

After the events from previous day the idea of a burglar standing right next to my bed, stealing while I was lying there, helpless, unaware… It got me big time. I was moving through the camp hiding under a hoodie being suspicious about everyone I met. Is it the thief? Or owner of the track? I felt uneasy. I felt no connection whatsoever with other people in the area. I wanted to escape.

Having your security exploited is very unpleasant, especially when you are being present. For waging risky operations a homeland security should be one of the highest priorities. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking state foreign policy or your adventures. I learned there that when greed takes control it respects no boundaries.

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