On chasing happiness

We’ve all been there, chasing happiness. Doing things you think you are supposed to be doing, flipping every rock, attending every party. It should be there! It often isn’t.

It is hazardous to think which activity can entertain us and make us happy. If you make the wrong choice, you are screwed. Dropping habits is difficult as we put in more time.

I have found happiness in one activity I eventually did just because my friend loved it. Always listening to him bragging about it sort of caught me down in the mix. Surfing. I thought I preferred skiing, or MTB. I was and still am kinda am afraid of water. I cheated at university swimming trials. I barely passed women’s time limit. Those who could not pass were obliged to sign up for swimming lessons.

I was lucky enough to choose Porto as my Erasmus destination. I chose it solely because of the surfing opportunity. When I finally got here, I postponed it. I had a cold, weather sucked. It took me two months to show up at the beach and do it.

Now, day or two after surfing, I am experiencing one of the deepest feelings of happiness and gratitude I’ve ever felt. As much as it sounds corny, I even have tears in my eyes. I could’ve been in many different places, doing many different things. Studying, working in clothes shop or whatever. Thanks to my parents, my school and general course of events, I ended up here. I am very, very grateful.

Yes, maybe it works because surfing is scarce for people from inland countries. It was not supposed to work. Stand up, fall down, and scare the heck out of me. Leave it to tanned masculine men, beautiful ladies, pro swimmers. But it does. Point is to get up and do things. Various things, crazy things. Things you haven’t tried simply because they are “not your cup of coffee.” You may find it where you don’t expect it. I should sign myself to sculpture classes, because who knows?

I am ending this post with a link to beautiful comic based on quote from H. D. Thoreau. Read it here.

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