Month: December 2013

Lately, I’ve been fighting with some demons. Bad moods were rolling in for no reason, self-doubt was consuming me from the inside and I had no idea where to go for help. I thought it was one of my “cleaning periods” which usually follows a long period of happiness. In two days will be New […]

World is changing. So are our opinions. Under the influence of certain people or events we modify our attitudes. One of the things I had to revise recently was trust. It happened to all of us – we’ve been stabbed from an unexpected direction. We’ve been robbed. We’ve been mystified and led astray. I’ve lost […]

Passing knowledge to others barely works. Everybody has to undergo struggle to learn that particular lesson, everyone has to made their way towards certain things. When my father recommended me The Black Swan, which profoundly changed my thinking, I could not see the value. It was after I immersed myself into studying certain subjects, such […]

Climbing up the ladder to success or happiness is a road marked by many difficulties. To make matters worse, as one moves up more problems and enemies arise. They are to be expected, which is fine. Treacherous are the moments after victory, when one drops guard and falls under illusion that the good will go […]