Pure gold in front of our eyes: unseen

Passing knowledge to others barely works. Everybody has to undergo struggle to learn that particular lesson, everyone has to made their way towards certain things.

When my father recommended me The Black Swan, which profoundly changed my thinking, I could not see the value. It was after I immersed myself into studying certain subjects, such as economics and geopolitics, when I, in need of answers, stumbled upon this book in our library. Simple fact that I had found the way towards it by myself gave it a greater value.

Many times we have golden bricks right in front of our eyes but fail to see them.

Ironman racers deserve a great deal of credit for what they are doing. However it was after I took part in a twenty-four hour walking race when I began to fully understand how big is every single racer, who has the balls to step on the start line and tackles the race.

To appreciate racers, we have to race. To appreciate teachers, we have to teach. To respect the man in the arena, we first have to step in.

Sharing life lessons is not effective. One can transmit knowledge, but not the pain. It is the pain which makes a difference. Seeing results speaks louder than handing over the theory. Talking with a man who had lost his close friend in a car accident because of alcohol is stronger than simply saying don’t drink and drive.

Four points to be taken from this post:

  • Judging, especially premature, is nothing to be proud of
  • Hints about the way are more effective than spoiling the final destination
  • Do in order to understand
  • Pay attention

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