Month: January 2014

Let’s drop sugar-coating and be frank. We are full of carpe diem and living in the present shit, but hardly anyone does. We read books and articles about procrastination and the art of doing, but close to no job gets done. We talk about working out damn hard and going through blood, sweat and tears, […]

Maybe I should change the title to How much distrust should you mobilize while reading media but it’s simply too long. I am logging to my Czech email via server providing latest news. Lately, it’s been bought by one of the richest people in the republic, who also happened to step in the politics arena. […]

Students are one of the most ungrateful people in the world. Or are they? I’ve been on both sides of the barricade, mostly on the student side. There have always been professors who could handle our tough class. Whether in elementary school or in high school I’ve witnessed teachers breaking down, crying and once even […]