Can you trust the media?

Maybe I should change the title to How much distrust should you mobilize while reading media but it’s simply too long. I am logging to my Czech email via server providing latest news. Lately, it’s been bought by one of the richest people in the republic, who also happened to step in the politics arena. Naturally, I expected biased information and they probably are – but since I am not following news, I cannot really tell. Thing is, the “main news” are trying to somehow modulate people. I yet have to come to understanding what the goal is. Test your geographical knowledge, test your English knowledge, test your etiquette knowledge, “saddest album of the year – people, who left in 2013” (really), something about ADAC cheating and all Germany being heavily shaken. Pure shit. Where is it leading? People are reading those. Can you build a positive relationship with a server that gives you a pat on back through test results, shares sorrow of celebs who left and makes you believe that even the Germans, an eternal contrast to Czechs, make mistakes? Is this some preparation for call to action?

Let’s assume that half of all information in media is somehow biased and non-verified. How much effort should we put into reading and verifying them? Are we putting in enough effort?

Czech public television censored latest election results, favouring the party supporting current president. Coincidence? Give us heads of the responsible!

Wisdom has survived centuries through many books. Diet advice is changing every now and then. We’ve got gyms and food supplements versus school of progressive calisthenics. Yes, it is connected with the Spartan 300 workout. We’ve the finest running shoes ever made, but they are rubbish compared to the all-time great – our feet. Business, business, business. Throughout the years of tackling my knee problem, I’ve been put through magnetic therapies, laser, electro therapy, massages, several injections of cortisone, many pills… You know what finally helped me? Squats.

Lot of clutter is floating out there, in the world. With great number of free platforms it is moving on the internet, since it’s where the majority of readers are. Sadly, it all gets connected. Fella reads a bodybuilding magazine and stresses the need for protein supplements. He goes through more of them and becomes “expert” in work out routines – yeah, you may destroy your back in long term, but no one looks that far ahead. We young can get quite cheeky when it comes down to knowledge. This idea of premature growth is kinda ingrained in us, isn’t it? It could even be me. I try to keep it down, since most of the life lessons are yet about to come. I know that there are no shortcuts leading to wisdom. It’s easy to say “live in the present” when I’ve never been in a real gutter, so I do all my best to steer clear of this shit.

How to wrap this up? Realize that many news and blog posts are money-driven. The more clicks, the more cash. Which leads to shouty and misleading titles. Other stuff is out there for pure validation reasons, now I’m talking mostly the social media. It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is my job to try and help you navigate through the stormy waters of the internet in quest of finding true sources of quality information. And even then, we shall remain sceptical.

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