We are all fucking hypocrites

Let’s drop sugar-coating and be frank.

We are full of carpe diem and living in the present shit, but hardly anyone does.

We read books and articles about procrastination and the art of doing, but close to no job gets done.

We talk about working out damn hard and going through blood, sweat and tears, but the first feeling of pain makes us stop.

We believe that we are going against the flow, that we are the black sheep, and then we go to a party because everyone else goes.

We watch youtube videos, we say I want to succeed as bad as I want to breathe! Couple of minutes later, we are resting on a couch watching sitcoms – but hey, it’s fun and I gotta live the life, right?

We watch the bold people, who’ve hit the rock bottom and bounced back, and we say I am fearless! Later that day, we won’t even tell our girls, that we love them, because our peers could hear it. We won’t raise the voice. We won’t stand for ourselves. We bail out.

We talk about change, but then we stay still.

We give advice to others when our own life is in shambles.

We gossip about others when our own closet is full of skeletons.

We brag about living on the edge when in reality, we are crying while the edge is nowhere to be seen!

We could make a difference, but we don’t.

We are living up to 10% of our potential.

We are barely scratching the surface.

Clock is ticking.

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