How to make the biggest changes of your life

Dear reader,

If you haven’t seen this video, watch it. Seriously. Al Pacino at his best (again).

Feel the philosophy hidden behind it. Every day counts. Inches you need are all around you. The choice is yours. Every. Single. Moment. Remember – whenever you are out there, sitting drunk & bored on a couch in a dance club, someone else is working hard. I’ll be honest. I’ve spent the whole Friday nursing an enormous hangover. I cannot even say that I was relaxing, since it is damn hard to relax with a headache. The whole day was lost and I am not sure it was worth it. Maybe not tomorrow or this week, but some day all the inches that you’ve been collecting will turn into a huge snowball and a right hook in seizing dreams. Do you want to be in charge of these punches, or just helpless bystander?

Remember, this is how evolution happened. Small, cumulative choices, being always on the move. Some worked, some didn’t – never mind, change again, flip it around. Every moment. Choice is yours.

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