For me, it was Gary Vaynerchuk who brought this word to higher levels, above the usual ghetto paradigm. Hustle, he says, is the most important word on earth. He‘s been doing the Wine library TV for some 18 months before anybody watched it. 5 days a week. Working in his parents liquor business 12 hours a day gave him the necessary equity to shoot the Wine library show. And now the Wine library provides him equity to move on. This is nothing but adding small inches every day. We’ve already talked about this.

This is what I really want to emphasize today. You don‘t start working from scratch when an opportunity comes. No. You have to be READY when it does.

Interesting things are going on right now.

A friend of mine is starting a very complex website about Porto. It will combine information and services. It will provide a platform where customers and businesses can meet and easily communicate. All in one place. Now – someone has to take care of the social media and that guy is me. And I can do that precisely because I‘ve been studying how to do this for a couple of months prior to any invitation or whiff of action.

A friend of mine asked me to expand his Polish blog into Czech Republic, which is very exciting. I‘ve met my friend here, on Erasmus. Two things, I believe, made him consider me as a partner:

  • In terms of e-book and free writing I‘ve produced around 60.000 words and counting in the past five months. Excluding, of course, all school work.
  • I am writing this blog. In is not big. The traffic is low. BUT – I am doing it. Many people don‘t.

A friend of mine (yet again 🙂 ) is preparing a team building event for the Erasmus students. She asked me to be one of the coaches. Why? Because I can do it. Why? Because since I was like sixteen I was focused on doing my best every day. I was focused on growth beyond what school was offering.

SO – think about the opportunity which would make you go wild. Kick off the preparation process. You will need that equity.

NOW – let‘s go and do it. Let‘s hustle our socks off, because every day counts.

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