But(t)s, crossroads and dead kings

The King is dead, long live the King!

No, I am not talking about the last episodes of Game of Thrones. My e-book is finished! I‘ve reached 25.000 words which equals a 100 kindle pages.

It took me some five months of combatting resistance, five months of gaining a bit more experience here, a bit more there, to get it done.

BUT. You knew it was coming. Reading it on my Kindle (exciting feeling indeed!), I had this disturbing feeling that it is too shallow. The chapters were more like forewords, but the real content never came.

Sure, I‘ve managed to get some parts brilliantly, it really makes you think. But the overall values is questionable. I stopped reading halfway through, because it had hurt too much being so critical.

Right now, then, I am standing on a crossroad.

Shall I rewrite the huge parts of the book, gain more experience and postpone publishing for several months?

Shall I publish it as a “free handbook” with all its imperfections, unedited?

Shall I use individual chapters as blog posts for The Frontier and focus on doing research for other blog, I‘ve mentioned in the article about hustle?

The King, I am afraid, is dead. I have bunch of great content, but at this moment, I do not see it as a publish-able book.

Loud celebrations are resonating in the streets of Porto, as Benfica Lisbon has won Portuguese football championship after 7 years or so. In the cacophony of horns, trumpets and shout-outs, I am sitting in silence admitting the basic failure of my goal.

Over the time span of five months I have produced a raw material. It needs refining, reinventing.

This is not the end though. Live, learn and move on.

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