Go Deeper. Always.

Hello people,

I am sipping second double presso, waiting for caffeine to kick in. What about you?

Through this blog post I want to thank every single member of the L.E.S.T. organizing team. It has been quite a ride, wasn‘t it? Some eight weeks of preparation, dedication and sacrifice. All to create the two-day boot camp as remarkable as possible. I mean… One idea, great passion and not a penny in a pocket? We‘ve done something truly incredible. We‘ve killed it!

I am very grateful for being able to play a tiny part in this whole thing. Right now, I am swimming in a deep pool of emotions. I love the hell out of you guys. A small part of me changed, that‘s for sure. It may last ‘till the end of the days, it may be temporary. But what isn‘t? Yes, these emotions may evaporate and it scares the hell out of me. I mean, that‘s how it goes, so I want to put them on paper before the time runs out.

Every single one of you has brought to the table something unique, something extraordinary. I want you to remember this. Remember that you are an important, amazing person. You do make a difference. Remember it, because struggles will come. They always do. I believe that we‘ve created a source of energy into which we can all tap in times of need.

Thanks for creating and sharing one of the top experiences of my Erasmus.

It was a long sprint. Thanks for letting me sprint by your side.

Thanks for making my 21st birthday unforgettable.

Thanks for being who you are.

I want to let you know, that should you feel down, sad or whatever… Just give me a call, I‘ll pick up and we will sort it out.

Go Deeper guys. Always.


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