Starting the month of July with a failure

I‘ve opened the month of July with a failure. At this hour, I was supposed to be on the road, slowly, step by step, getting closer to Santiago de Compostela. Instead, I am sitting in the cafeteria, drinking coffee and eating croissants. Officially, I am blaming the weather. It was raining during the whole night and forecast warned against continuous rains throughout the day. Shit, getting all wet right at the first day?

The other side of the coin is that today it hasn‘t rained at all, so far. The real reason is that I simply wasn‘t ready. I didn‘t pack fully, I had no idea where albergues for pilgrims are, I felt lonely, partly because I was. With this trip I‘ve decided to fully embrace randomness and reduce the exaggerated planning we are committing nowadays. You see, planning carefully every single step results in planned working, planned smiles, planned rests. The planning leads to a cage, as in prison. When something random pops up – say we bump into our friend who wants to grab a coffee (which could or could not lead up to something (interesting thoughts, business opportunity, one night stand, whatever…). Only it just doesn‘t fit into our plan, and should you use force to make it work, the plan will crumble. Routines are mind numbing, no question, and they do suppress the spontaneous.

Sometimes though, the planning is necessary. It is the last drop of confidence we need to set off. As it was much needed yesterday, only I haven‘t done it. Tomorrow is another day. I will set off no matter the weather. I‘ve checked where to sleep in case of weather/health emergency, otherwise I will opt for sleeping under the stars – I need it. The base is laid out. What happens from now on is in the stars. Plan, execute and leave room for on-the-battlefield-improvisation, that’s how I see it. Sometimes I am scared of what I am doing. And that‘s all right. Are you?

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