And now his watch is ended…

Nah, I am not dead, as the title might suggest. Not right now anyway. My Erasmus has come to an end. After a year abroad I’ve drop the anchor once again in my hometown of Prague. And what a spectacular year it was. Ups and downs of the regular (student) life multiplied by a factor of four. Seriously – if you have any chance of doing the Erasmus then in the name of everything that is holy to you,  grab the opportunity do not let it go. And if you do succeed and move to another country, than go all in. Go deeper. A summary of all that I have done is written down on a piece of paper right next to me – it varies from going through an intensive coach school & coaching students on a 2-day boot camp, immersing in Capoeira, presenting about social media (part of a big project) solely in Portuguese, reading 42 books, writing one e-book (100 pages), to meeting incredible people and, in the last weeks, doing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Those victorious moments...

Those victorious moments…

/Note about the Pilgrimage – the Portuguese routes are much less frequented in comparison to the French route. The Albergues for pilgrims are new, clean, beautiful and cheap ( <7€ per night). The whole route indeed is idiot-proof. One advice: bring earplugs. One more, while I’m on the topic: ask them if they want some cookies./ While doing all of this challenging stuff, I had to look at the face in the mirror and compare & contrast – who is that person? I carry many ideas of who I am, whether they are mine or someone elses’. This means that my true core is concealed.  Whilst breaking down the stereotypes of my life I came to that realization. Subsequently, I had to change a couple of things. There is freedom in change. In the bar the other day I argued about me being an unstable person who likes change and tinkering about. It was fun. With the great exception of personal relationships, where you can hurt your people big time, the changing and moving about is liberating and hey – you can actually come across something that makes you tick. Anyway, one of the things changed was my short blog description. I promised writing about making a living but failed to do that. Frankly, I have no real, practical advice on making a living – hence my position was a bit charlatanic, for which I apologize. No more of that! Couple of things I have finally understood/confirmed during that year: It is not my job to make you xyz (happy, laugh, entertained…) – this is also about liberation. Gone are the moments of /awkward?/ silence, moments of boredom and moments of shame. It is not my job to handle them and I will not work to meet your expectations. I’ll do what I feel like I should do – if it means sitting still in silence – so be it. It’s a game of inches. It’s about the people. Connect. Listen. Ask. Share. There is a person who will understand. Find him. Let’s face it, Erasmus is the ultimate european frontier for students. It is a separate world in vacuum with no place for worries and struggles that are yet to come in life. It is pure and genuine. Treat it as a holiday and it will become one of your best memories. Treat it as a tool and you may as well pave the way to living a life-long Erasmus. The second route is all about hustle. The choice is yours. The good news is that either way, you’ll have a ton of fun. Thank you parents. Thank you European Union.

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