Month: October 2014

I’m regularly watching the  #AskGaryVee show made by Gary Vaynerchuk and it was in the last episode that Gary’s answer to one of the questions scared the fuck out of me and switched me into my deep thinking mode. It was about the issue of expertise. A young man, who I guess is hardly 20, […]

You know, my experience with long-distance walking is limited, but as it is limited, it is also intense. The Caminho de Santiago I did earlier this year was a bit different from races I want to talk about today. It was, at least for me, about pressing on – covering large doses of kilometres every […]

Can proteins kill you? Are diets a road to hell? It is fairly normal that a person who wants to gain muscles will increase his protein intake. It is also normal to be on a diet whilst trying to get lean. Regarding the (missing) credibility of information, both fields are surrounded by quite some clouds […]