On Darkness & Silence

I was going a lot through motivational stuff lately, consciously looking for inspiration, subconsciously for distraction. It so easy to listen to fancy talks and feel good inside, feel safe and cozy, rather than doing the work. Why? Because the work is murky. What should I do? What should be my next step? What is going to happen? Sometimes we lack the guidance through quicksands of life, feeling lost and nauseous. Do you know the feeling, when the fire inside is burning, when the desire to work hard IS there, but you don’t know where to channel it?

It is easy then to surrender to noise, to surround ourselves with inspiration, reading articles about the creative musts and magic bullets to cure procrastination. Noise beats the heck out of us. What’s left is a mixture of unoriginal, inserted content. “We are the average of five people we spend the most time with.” Have you ever thought why are there so many copycats of Tolkien’s work? I’m curious how is the world of fantasy going to change after George R. R. Martin established himself as an Author (notice the big A). Is there going to be more sex in books? Seemingly ruthless killing? I don’t know. These are his traits. Which are yours? How to get to the original, unspoiled well hidden within us?

Through darkness and silence. This, I believe, goes not only to writing, but to work as a whole. Whilst sitting in silence… the intuition presents itself and the chest moves that need to be done become obvious. Have you noticed how the strategy is as clear as sun on midsummer’s day?

I am still struggling with readership of The Frontier, despite the fact that I know what to do. I have started pimping my writing on social sites and it produced some results. There have been days when sharing a link to one of my articles on Facebook scared the shit out of me. The work has to be good enough. Is mine enough? I think so. Is yours enough? I hope so. Because I am finally going out there to read & interact, so I’m looking forward to reading good stuff. This was my second barrier – I was reluctant in connecting and engaging within the WordPress community. I have to beat this fear. But it has to be honest, it has to be frank. So if I have commented pn your article recently, do not be afraid whether it’s authentic or manipulative.

My e-book is almost ready to be released. Is the strategy clear? Yes. How can one get the visibility? I think that deep down, you know what you have to do. Get reviewed. There are blogs primarily focused on reviewing books & indie authors. There are people, who are writing about the same content, as do you in your book. Appeal to their interests. Which chapter works for them? Cover your media channels. Have you been interacting on social months or better yet, years prior to the launch? Good, now you can leverage that.

Suddenly, the strategy becomes somewhat clear. I’m sitting here in a complete darkness, save for a candlelight, listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s rant in the background, and slowly realizing what I have to do.


Tiny sneaky peaky preview of my tonight’s workplace

My e-book will be free of charge, so I am counting on “removing the boundaries” of sharing. Have I obtained enough readers on WordPress and social media? Have I contacted the reviewers? No. Not yet. I have neglected my strategy. Avoid the same mistake.

Sit in the darkness. Listen to your intuition. Do what it says. Slay the dragons.

What are you waiting for?

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