To make the bones

I’m regularly watching the  #AskGaryVee show made by Gary Vaynerchuk and it was in the last episode that Gary’s answer to one of the questions scared the fuck out of me and switched me into my deep thinking mode. It was about the issue of expertise.

A young man, who I guess is hardly 20, runs a personal development channel on YouTube and asks Gary how to build a brand around his name. I’ve pasted the video here, you can watch the question at 11:00, or go straight to the answer.

Shit, I am of the youngsters he’s addressing. Are you?
Have I gone too far? Where is the line between putting content out there and respectful silence? I’m calling myself out every day. I’m trying to share my observations, to point out ever-present bullshit, to find a way. Am I covering my back? I think so… Perhaps I’ve pushed a little too far with the e-book publishing (here and here), because I’ve never done it, I haven’t made my bones, but again, it was more of an observation. Maybe I was too cocky in the second post. I don’t know.

What should we, you and I, my dear reader, take out of this post? Let’s stay humble. Let’s write about things we know, things, that we have thoroughly researched and better yet, which we have done ourselves. Let us keep the skin in the game. There is so much bullshit out there. I’ve talked about diets & protein supplements. I will talk about more. Let’s do our best to avoid adding our $0.02.

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