My Three Words for 2015

I’ve spent the NYE alone at home. In the past years, I always pushed myself to go out, to drink, to have fun. And it never turned out to be great – at best, it was average. Featured imageSo this year, I took a different approach. I was all by myself, contemplating about 2015, watching Chris Brogan’s webinar and thinking about what’s to come. Inspired (again and again) by him, I‘ve decided to pick My Three Words for 2015. Click here to get the context of the three words and find out, which words did Chris himself picked for the upcoming year. I ended up with some significant words.

My three words for 2015 are Samurai; Move; 300.

Samurai – as in to serve. As in the 7 principles of Bushido. I want to focus on serving, and my showing up in the world.

MoveMove as in Ido Portal’s Movement Culture sense. Move to celebrate movement, move to stay fit, move to explore. Move to live, I would say, as I am slowly discovering how powerful movement can be.

300300 was not my original idea – it comes from Chris and its original meaning is to write 300 words per day, no excuses. But it also bears the resemblance of 300 Spartan warriors and their heroic battle, or 300 small deeds we can do during the year for our loved ones/people who in need. I’ve decided to adopt it since I want to get two books done during the year, which means a hell of writing.

There we are – the whole year I’ll do my best to stick with them. I’m curious what the results will look like. I invite you to pick your own 3 words for 2015. Let me know what they are.

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