The Edge where truths, sarcasm and questions interfere

Where is the edge we are looking for? Is it something outer or inner? Do we have to cross the desolate lands of dragons only to focus inwards? Are there any shortcuts?

Why do people want to be called CEOs of something, but refuse to become CEOs of their lives?

Why is blame first projected on others? Why don’t we first examine our own share? Lack of self-awareness?

Why do we think that the freedoms we have will stay with us forever?

Why are we working out for the looks and not for the joy of the movement?

The expertise is missing, yet we share our opinions. I don’t know… the sacred words…

The 22 must-read headings that will make you a billionaire overnight and bring a peace to the world.

8 things the successful people do every morning = 8 things people who failed do every morning = 8 things ordinary people do every morning = false narrative

The 5-star review given out of friendship or under a quid pro quo attitude.

The quality is going down and so is our taste.

Talk the talk, talk the quote, walk the… the what?!

Avoid critical thinking, you’ll be given answers at a bottom of an article. Heck, avoid thinking at all costs, it hurts.

First a selfie of my body, only then a conversation with my heart. My heart is not enough, it’s just one, whereas on Instagram, I have as many as a tone.

And so the night falls and I shall go back to sleep, but before our minds wander off, I’ll leave you with this. What does it mean to be?

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