Month: March 2015

I am short of words. Few hours ago I attended a lecture by Chris Rehage. He walked 4600km across China, and counting. His story touched me on so many levels. I am unable to share what I am feeling right now. Throughout the days on the road, a mentor urged him to decide whether he’d […]

I just got out of a conversation with a dear friend of mine who turned 50 today. He brought up a topic of time flying by, only briefly, as it is a difficult topic to talk about. I said I could relate. He said sometimes he would doubt if it is worth it, the work, […]

Trajectory Office – an office where trajectories are checked, mapped, cursed and bent. It’s not a place for mellow souls. Nevertheless it is a place where, from time to time, we must go. No matter the circumstances, one trajectory will surely lead us there.