Time passes, things change every day…

I just got out of a conversation with a dear friend of mine who turned 50 today. He brought up a topic of time flying by, only briefly, as it is a difficult topic to talk about. I said I could relate. He said sometimes he would doubt if it is worth it, the work, the struggle. I know my perspective differs, he’s twice my age and a few more. Nevertheless, the boogeyman is creeping in. I can feel it. He said he feels there’s not much time left. I said once you put your head down, whether because you have to study, or times are hard, or you feel numb… SWOOOSH. You wake up two months later. What happened? I don’t know. Live in the present or so any other quote claims. It is hard. How can one get round it? We need to drop anchors, anchors that would keep us up in the fucking space of here and now. We need bitch slaps. Every morning, at least. And we need to distinguish between sweet talk, Instagram hashtags and things that actually matter and focus on living – living through the pleasant stuff, but also through the bitter pieces. Otherwise one day you’ll catch yourself saying oops, guess I wasn’t paying much attention. There is no rewind. There is no rehearsal. This shit is real.

And so I am sitting here, writing this short rant, hoping that next time some petty issues pop up, we’ll go much higher level thinking. I’m outtie.

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