Save The World

The world spins and sometimes, as it spins, it get things out of balance and these things tend to crash and once in a while, the crash is freaking major, and the whole world stops for a second, takes a deep breath and cares. And then it starts swirling, whirling and twirling once again, because that’s what it knows, that’s its operational mode.

But in that one second when it’s out of balance, I care, and you care, and many people care, and we become supermen and superwomen, ready to put underwear on top of our pants and save the world – exactly as it happened after the earthquake in Nepal. It got me thinking about the rash impulse to fly across the globe in an attempt to do some good. And it is not necessarily only in Nepal, but on sites of natural catastrophes when animals need help (after human kind fucked up), in war zones etc. I’ve read Dave Booda’s post capturing his thoughts & feelings when he was in Nepal when the earthquake stroke. He said that maybe, when one is not a trained, professional rescuer or a paramedic, heck, when one does not even speak the local language, maybe it’s not such a good idea to go there and try to help.

Then I talked a good deal of time with a dear friend of mine. I’ve never opened to anyone as much as I did to her, and she opened up as well. We both shared our histories and painful events that eventually moulded us in who we are today. As I listened to her, I thought: my oh my… she smiles and her face is all cute and innocent and yet, there is so much pain hidden deep down. And then the inevitable question that I’d also like to ask you, my dear reader: how much pain are you carrying buried deep beneath your smiles?

I am halfway through a book called Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar, which basically consists of letters sent to anonymous columnist called Sugar, of letters filled with pain, struggle, adversity, but also love, compassion and victory. Authors of these letters are asking for advice in a difficult situation.

With both the talks with my friend and this book, and, after all, my own experience, I came to conclusion there is no need to fly across the planet to save the world. We can start right here, with ourselves, with our family and our friends.

There is a ton of pain all around. Sometimes all we have to do is hold space, listen, accept, swallow judging, and love. How many of you are hiding something, being afraid if you laid it out, others would say it’s weird, awkward, too messy, too scary, too fucked up or too creepy? I bet it’s not that special, I bet whatever it is that you are hiding, it is a part of being a human. And sometimes all it takes is to accept the fuck ups, accept the misfortune, open up again and love unconditionally… both yourself and the person sharing his or her story. It’s a choice we make. We can save the world, only it will be one person at a time.

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