Lessons learned & observations made & realizations had in 2016

Lessons learned & observations made & realizations had… in 2016

Note: for sources, ‘via’ signals ‘how I understood their [the person’s] concept’; direct quotes comes with person’s name; no source means it occurred to me


Beware of dogma! DOGMA, beware! At first, one accepts certain dogma because it serves him, gives him freedom; over time, the dogma becomes a master and turns itself into a straitjacket. – via Ido Portal

Success doesn’t look the same from the close-up and from the distance. – via Julien Smith

You don’t really know who a “good teacher” is until you meet one, and after you do, you realize how scarce they actually are. Then, you also begin to understand what makes a “good student” and realize you’ve scarcely been one.  – after attending Ido Portal’s workshop

You can move mountains, if you choose to.

Wisdom comes with experience, therefore, with age; not the other way around.

Even if a master points you to the door, you still have to earn the right to open them to fully comprehend what is on the other side.

            Process > hunt for answers.

Mental clarity is precious and is gained away from the noise (not literally, but emotionally). It is sucked out by the void of smallness, the magnificent hovers above that.

‘No person is boring, only interests differ.’ – a life coach, don’t remember the name

There is something beautiful about the simplicity of monk’s life, something we (?) all some crave but are afraid they might miss out.

Asking women for consent is not lame. – Dave Booda (read it, both guys and gals, truly truly important)

Education should strengthen and fine-tune your bullshit detector, it should increase your erudition – not teach you facts; it should teach you how to learn, how to cope with uncertainty/opacity; it should not be a sport. And all these it fails to accomplish.

Our conscience can be a stone floor; hard & short sofa; comfy bed. Every day we make that choice.

Trust none of what you hear, some of what you read, half of what you see.- Nassim Taleb

Science is currently THE LEAST WRONG version of it, but we don’t know how much wrong it is. – via Nassim Taleb

*  *  *

Notes to self

Do you. (at times if that means putting your guns down, that is what needs to be done. You can’t lose on your own terms).

Listen, more.

Instead of rationalism, prudency.

Don’t be this guy.

Ask women for consent.

Don’t run after trains; rule your time.

Say ’no’ to things more often.

It’s okay to feel stupid.

Communicate better; judge less.

Keep moving.

Try to drink less coffee, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s alright.

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