From Crook to Hero through a Book

One of the interesting and scary things that we can nowadays watch unravelling in front of our eyes is how people who are not particularly genuine, ethical, and good (indeed, between your friends you’d call them f***ing arseholes), get turned into heroes through magic as simple as writing a biography (or having it written). Because what survives better than not-mainstream-news’ headlines are books. Fifteen, twenty years from now nobody will search for stuff that was available online today. It’ll be easier to pick a book, because books are generally more trustworthy than internet articles, aren’t they?

A controversial person can thus hide himself or herself in the opaque veil of time, and stands a chance to be remembered as a good person, when indeed he or she should have been prosecuted instead.

We can see how that is happening with Hillary the Crooked, from House Clinton. The fake feminist who does not shy away from accepting money from Saudis (who aren’t particularly famous for being feminists) or from Harry Weinstein the sexual abuser; the fake humanist who helped blowing Libya to middle-ages and where there is slave trade now, who arms “moderate rebels,” known to the rest of the world as jihadists, in Syria, because she wants to depose Assad for being a “dictator” – just like with Gaddafi, entirely missing that the alternative to Assad is the Islamic state (I let you decide where you’d rather live); the fake philanthropist whose charity swallows huge percentage of charity money, only to let laughable sums trickle to where they were intended to go in the first place (in other words, this is called a *theft*).

It is happening now as she is trying hard to bend her public image and turn herself into a decent human being. And it is happening with George W. Bush and McCain, too. So let us watch these developments and look back 10-15 years from now to see what has happened.

There is one more lesson hidden in this: how trustworthy are books about people who have died already? How much were they purified by their official biographer? How much truth is actually in there? This is another version of “truth is written by winners,” yet in this case it’s written by crooks and will become obscure as the time passes.

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