V60 is a legendary dripper for preparing pour-over coffee. It is produced by a Japanese company called Hario and appeared on the shelves in 2004. Nowadays it is a staple in cafés all over the world. Hario V60 is deceptively simple; it is a conical dripper whose walls hold a 60° angle that relies on […]

During the spring months of 1943 the Anglo-American and Soviet relationships were at their lowest points since Pearl Harbor. Fears of concluding separate peace were on the fore of the minds of both sides. It was this point that Goebbels chose to exploit by releasing the brisant material on German forces discovering mass graves of […]

Few weeks ago I came across a cool little experiment shared by one fellow on the interwebs – I’d like to give him credit but I can’t find the article – and I thought I’d share it with you. It shows how various flavours of coffee extract in a sequence. First things extracted from ground […]

Even home automatic espresso machines can produce espressos that would put many a café to shame. But, supplying coffee beans and pushing a button is not enough; you have to put in a bit more effort to get a great espresso. Besides securing quality coffee beans – I must say that lighter roasts seem to […]

“Honnō-ji incident” refers to an event that took place on 21 June 1582 in Kyoto, Japan. Akechi Mitsuhide, a prominent general under the great Oda Nobunaga, had turned on his lord and launched a surprise attack that led to a forced suicide by Nobunaga and his son Nobutada. This was an important event, because Nobunaga, […]

I am attentively watching the novel coronavirus outbreak from its relative start in the first half of January, 2019 and I cannot help but think it is, beside a great tragedy, a deep well of risk-related and system complexity related lessons. It is also a large window showcasing the operations of governments and large institutions, […]

   Central bankers are quietly preparing a policy to fight the coming recession and  financial reserves will be used as fuel. Do you know what are they cooking?    Fairly recently, a working paper under the International Monetary Fund (IMF) named “Enabling Deep Negative Interest Rates to Fight Recessions – A Guide” has been brought […]

Something has changed, I realized. Something in the past couple of weeks has shifted and I became calmer, kinder to myself and more at ease. I think I finally understand what it was – and I am afraid to say it out loud because I could jinx it. It is success. Success has become, in […]