It was this week that I argued extensively with professors and fellow students against the tendency to minimize “the unknown” (say in econometric models) in order for the models & predictions to work. Yesterday evening, after I arrived home, I picked up the copy of NNT’s “The Black Swan” and this paragraph was right there: […]

One of the interesting and scary things that we can nowadays watch unravelling in front of our eyes is how people who are not particularly genuine, ethical, and good (indeed, between your friends you’d call them f***ing arseholes), get turned into heroes through magic as simple as writing a biography (or having it written). Because […]

We are living in the Age of Noise. Not the age of information; not the age of dis-information. The age of noise. There is a large number of people whose salaries are based on number of words written or articles published, and/or on number of views generated. These people need to produce to make a […]

Lessons learned & observations made & realizations had… in 2016 Note: for sources, ‘via’ signals ‘how I understood their [the person’s] concept’; direct quotes comes with person’s name; no source means it occurred to me   Beware of dogma! DOGMA, beware! At first, one accepts certain dogma because it serves him, gives him freedom; over […]