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He held her in his arms, and the time froze. Snowflakes hovered in the air, motionless. A bulb in a street lamp stopped flickering, and finally produced a steady beam of warm yellow light. Irregular explosions in valves of car engines turned to a constant, loud hum. People wouldn’t move, somehow maintaining balance in awkward […]

Trajectory Office – an office where trajectories are checked, mapped, cursed and bent. It’s not a place for mellow souls. Nevertheless it is a place where, from time to time, we must go. No matter the circumstances, one trajectory will surely lead us there.

“The Professor” is a story capturing one evening of a travelling speaker, whose job is to ignite the long forgotten will to live. In the course of events, he has to face the greatest enemy he could find out there – himself.

It is freely inspired by the work of Allan Watts.

“How much is our path ‘pre-decided’ by external circumstances?” I once mused. Is it worth putting up a fight to change it? Can we paint it in different colours?
It seems then, I came to conclusion, that inevitably we all are the warriors, the philosophers, and the painters of our lives. Only the resolution is uncertain.