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A simple way of increasing the quality of any university: Taleb’s concept of Skin in the game. Unless the professor is (or was) a trader (doesn’t matter whether successful or not, only self-aware), he shall not teach anything related to trading & risk in the markets. Similarly, unless University’s inter-department communication works smoothly and flawlessly, […]

When I was young, I hated the academic insistence on precise terminology. Heck, I hate it even today. It ruins everything – the fun is destroyed before it even began precisely because some fresh out of university professor in a tight shirt insists on teaching fancy words first (and examine students‘ knowledge of such words […]

Taipei blues. This name occurred to me couple of months ago whilst walking around Prague. I knew I had something in there, something I wanted to examine and explore. Back then, I also knew that unless mother randomness shuffled the cards, I was going to spend ten months in Taipei. Having the name was great, […]

Four years have passed since I began my University studies and I am delighted to say it did not interfere with my education. Over the years I have voiced a fair amounts of criticism directed at the courses I had to attend. “How would a proper course look like?” I asked myself – surely, having […]

This post is about silence. Too many fake experts, “thought leaders,” consultants with no skin in the game… produce noise. It is too much. . . . Embrace silence. Welcome back, mental clarity.

Joseph Anton is a dear friend of mine, I caught myself thinking, whilst closing the book at its 633th – and last – page. How come he became so close to me, I pondered. Sure, he was fairly open and honest about his frailties and modest about his victories. He would speak about courage and […]

I used to love learning. In recent years however, this passion diminished – I partly blame the system of education, and I partly blame myself for choosing the study programme of economics and management, the dull duo. What was supposed to be tinkering and diving into any area that sparked interest turned into a forced […]

Nearly four years ago, I have heard of a reading challenge consisting of reading one book per week throughout the whole year. Not trusting official institutions to educate me, I was eager to outsource yet another part of my education. As invaluable as those reading hours are, at times the reading itself ceases to be […]