Listed below, you will find projects I am currently working on.


On November 6th I have finally released The Long Run  – a 31.000 word long e-book containing tools, references and stories I have collected in the last 6 years on my path to becoming my best self. I shared it with my friends as a foundation stone, a reference to many amazing people, or simply as a word of support to all my peers and dear friends, who are out there doing the work.

Along with The Long Run, I’ve been writing a prose, which I intend to publish when the time is right 🙂 (and when it’s finished).

I also write Stories.


Where God left his shoes

Where God left his shoes is a small photo project of mine. I am taking pictures of forgotten shoes from around the places I visit and think of the reasons why they were left behind, as many of them are still in usable condition.You can find the gallery here.

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