Book – The Long Run


Dear friends and readers, I am very happy to announce that my e-book, The Long Run, is ready & online.

It is a compilation of the best resources, tools and influences I have gathered over the past six years – all packed in stories & observations of mine.
It is a rant aimed at young adults, my peers, who seem to have given up and who lost their zest.
It is a short e-book aimed to help you on your journey.


Kindle format: The Long Run.azw3
E-reader: The Long Run.epub
Other platforms: The Long Run.pdf

Who is it for:

  • Youngsters
  • My struggling friends
  • People who want to make a difference
  • People who are at the beginning of their journey
  • People who want to go deeper and work on their blind spots
  • People who refuse to give up on their dreams

What it is NOT

  • A magic bullet
  • A “How to” guide

Did I bring any value?

  1. Let me know. Share your thoughts in the comments or write me directly
  2. If I did, it would mean a lot to me if you share it with your friends.

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